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The Home Biz Tax Webinar Series is designed with the Home Business Owner in mind. We can’t promise you that we can prevent you from getting audited. We CAN promise you that, if you follow what we teach, you will have the strongest defense against any audit.

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4/26/2018   9PM EST

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There is a myth that Home Business Owners are audited more than anyone else. While it may seem true, the statistics show differently. HOWEVER, because there is so much potential for fraud in the Home Business Arena, IRS Auditors are trained on the Schedule C, which means bad news for us! Statistics show that the IRS has an 83% win rate in Home Business Audits. That means out of every 100 Audits, 83 Home Business Owners have to pay more money to the IRS. We don’t want that to happen!

Invest in the Home Biz Tax Webinar series to shore up your Audit Defense!



Rental Properties are a great way to build wealth!

People will always need a place to live.


As a LandLord, there are many tax deductions available to you, and some pitfalls to avoid!

Of course, there are always those pesky rules!

In this webinar, we’ll cover

Tax deductions related to rental properties,

Business Structure

Aggregating Properties, and the

RULES to substantiate your claims with the IRS!


This webinar is great for new rental property owners or seasoned property owners who are building a portfolio!

We can’t keep you from being audited, but we can surely help you be prepared!

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